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Just like Bitcoin, Regium supports peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public ledger.


Regium's entire codebase is publicly available for viewing and verification by anyone. It will always remain open source and be maintained by an ever growing community.




Regium is coded using ERC20 smart contract technology.


Name: Regium

Ticker: REGI

Digits: 18

Type:   ERC20

Contract: 0x9996a0b4d0d7ed1b7e41ad08bdc4acb198e232a9

Total supply: 7,200,000

Circulating Supply: 300,000


ERC20 compatible wallets supports Regium. Recommended wallets is Metamask, it`s a easy to use wallet for beginners. 


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We strive to become totally communitydriven, we will have voting`s on what exchanges community members wish us to be on, and community members will do social tasks, such as going to the exchange an vote for Regium Coin to be listed, maybe advertising on their social media pages, and so on. Decentralized meaning there is no way for anyone (state or government) to shut down the project.

Community driven & Decentralized

CORE team


Why 70% of ICO Tokens Are Not Exchange Listed. 

Projects that failed to hit their hard cap simply 
can’t afford an exchange listing, while those that
 did may still balk at the price. The discrepancy
 between what exchanges charge is huge,

ranging from around $100,000 to $3 million for the largest and most liquid exchanges.

(It has been claimed that Binance charges as much as $7 million in some cases.) In fairness to cryptocurrency exchanges, listing a new token isn’t as simple as many traders seem to think.


70% of 2018 ICO tokens have yet to make an exchange. Most of them never will. 


This is why Regium choose not to have an ICO. Instead we are going directly to exchange, just to prove to the investors that we believe in our project and will deliver.




Our goal is to make Regium to a well known and respected currency with multiple use cases, partners and users. We are aiming to reach multiple exchanges and make the value of Regium increase in the coming years. We are aiming for a long term steady growth, instead of fast pumps in price. 

Regium Team consists of a group of 5 crypto enthusiasts from Scandinavia, which all have relevant experience in their respective field. All team members have daytime jobs. Some of us in the fintech circle and others in software development.


We are crypto lovers and don´ t run the Regium project to enrich ourselves. Crypto is the future and adoption can make you a fortune if you invest wisely. We will do our utmost to assist you.


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Our slogan is - A fair Cryptocurrency.

Regium offers a opportunity to progressively generate profit, produced by the simple laws of mathematics, the supply and demand.


With the low supply of 7,2 Million, Regium is a global currency 
of the future. Regium aims to change the world of cryptocurrency 
in the way of being reliable and only do steady market movements.  we believe we have created a great crypto project for beginners.

It runs on a self-explanatory financial algorithm that will accumulate profit solely based on business 101, the supply and demand.

If you understand the basics of trading, this is the project for you.


One of our most used metaphors regarding crypto coin supply, is that a crypto with a billion coin supply is like standing in the middle of Saharan desert, trying to sell a bag of sand to the Bedouins. It will never get profitable. If you instead invest i something rare, that not many people can own, then the supply and demand will take effect.


If you are a professional trader, than you already knows about the laws of mathematics and understands the potential of this project.

Our mission was to create a digital Currency based on strict guidelines that will allow users to grow their capital in a steady rate, while keeping the risks of whales dumping millions of tokens on exchanges to a minimum.


We made sure that there are regulations in place for when coins being relesed to the market, we announce via media channels when releasing of coins to market will occure.  This gives all users equal chances, and support fair play. Developers establish the deployment of tokens to market in a rate that not creates congestion on the trading platforms and exchanges. We guarantee that you dont wake up one morning and find millions of tokens dumped on a exchange.


Regium is not about any fancy technology, its about building a trusted brand, marketing and a community that adopts use and trade the coin. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. What we do is going back to basics of business. We are building up a demand and our adopters and investors can in time reap the benefits of our labor. Its simple and honest business.






Powered by smart contract technology.

What can we offer you as a investor?



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